Should I Pay for a Land Survey Even for Small Properties?

Should I Pay for a Land Survey?

Surveyor Wollongong will answer for you one of the most common questions regarding land surveys: “Should I pay for a land survey even for small properties?”. A land survey is a map or drawing of the boundaries of a piece of property. A lot can go wrong when you are buying a home without having one done. For instance, if there was an easement on the property and it wasn’t included in the deed, then that could be very problematic for someone who buys it later. The same thing applies to small properties such as parking lots where something like this could be even more important because they often have many different owners with rights to use them at different times.

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Even when you own just a small property, it is always a good idea to have it surveyed. It can be used as evidence in court if there are any disputes about the property’s boundaries down the road, and it can also help ensure that you don’t infringe on someone else’s rights to use your parking lot because they own just a small strip of land but still have some control over how you manage the area.

Even in some other cases, like in the case of people who are buying a condo or townhouse, it is important to have one done. This can help you make sure that the boundaries are drawn correctly and also give you an idea of how much usable space there will be in your property as well.

The bottom line is that it never hurts to have a land survey done. If you are buying an expensive piece of property, then it’s probably worth doing the survey yourself or hiring someone to do so for you if your budget allows. But even on smaller projects, the peace of mind and clarity about boundaries can be well worth what you might spend in order to get it done right from the start.