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What Does a Family Advocate Do?

The Role of a Family Advocate

A family advocate is a person who helps families in crisis. They are often the first point of contact for people seeking help, and they work with them to find solutions that meet their needs. A family advocate may also be called a mediator or facilitator. Family advocate Durban can help you with any family problem you might have!

Family advocates can provide assistance with anything from divorce proceedings to child custody cases. The job of a family advocate is to help people find the resources they need, which may include referrals or legal advice.

A family advocate does not take sides in an argument and tries to act as an impartial mediator. They will try to make sure that both parties feel like their side has been heard without judging them for how they’re feeling.

Family Advocate Durban

The goal of a good facilitator is to diffuse situations so that everyone involved feels safe enough to express themselves freely without fear of judgment while also maintaining respect for each individual’s point of view. It can be difficult work because it means witnessing some very emotional stories but being able to listen with empathy and understanding every time, no matter what the situation asks of you.

Family advocates provide both legal and also emotional support. They can help to provide advice or counseling when necessary in addition to just listening as well as helping families make decisions about things like parenting plans and child custody arrangements. One thing they are not qualified on doing is providing medical assistance such as first aid treatment, diagnosis, prescriptions, and similar.

An advocate can also represent and voice the needs of a family in court. They are trained to be impartial, so they’re able to act as an unbiased third party who is there for the best interests of all parties involved. When parents don’t agree on what’s best for their child, it’s possible that one or both will seek out professional help from someone like this. One thing you’ll need when seeking them out though is money because they do not work pro-bono (free).