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RV Care: Tips on How to Keep Your RV Clean and Maintained

The Ultimate Guide to RV Care

If you are an avid RV enthusiast, then you know how much time and money it takes to keep your rig in perfect condition. The good news is that maintaining your RV doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive task! Jayco Dealers will help you with the basics of keeping your RV clean and maintained so that when it’s time for camping adventure, all you have to do is pack up and hit the road.

What’s the first thing you should do as soon as you get home from a camping trip? Clean your rig! Take everything out of your RV, including any food. Then vacuum all surfaces and wipe down with warm soapy water. Don’t forget about areas that are hard to reach – like ceilings or corners behind furniture.

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Once this is finished, let the interior dry thoroughly before storing away for next time! If there was anything spilled on carpets or upholstery while traveling, try spot-cleaning immediately (no more than once every few weeks). Utilize products made specifically for fabric in order to maintain their original color and softness longer. You can also use baking soda on carpet stains; it doesn’t leave a white residue and is safe for most carpets.

Also, take care of any broken parts, like a loose handle, broken drawer or chipped cabinet. You should also check the tires and hoses since these are important for your safety while driving on an open road!

Don’t forget about yourself either – take some time to relax after such a busy trip with family or friends.

Regular maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs in the future! Our qualified technicians are standing by to answer any questions or provide routine service on your RV at an affordable rate. From our team of experts, we know how important it is to maintain the value, comfortability, safety and longevity of your rig – so give us a call today!